Sunday, November 09, 2008

We had the excellent opportunity to re-visit Blacksheep with Steve and Dani - and it was (once again) an awesome experience. Here are some pics from that trip...

llamas at the inn

and the epic journey from the volcano back to Balcksheep

dani and sharon making their way around the crater of the volcano - sooo windy

and coming down from the rim into a little village

what a great pic of steve!

and here's the crazy cliff walk (although it wasn't that crazy tis time...thank goodness) that we had to take to get down into the canyon

here's Dani contemplating life in all its glory

a sheep on the way home

and through the town and back to the inn

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Annie Agnone said...

Hi there. This is Annie. I'm one of Mr. C's old students from six years ago. I was just trying to get in touch and say hello:)

annie agnone