Thursday, August 30, 2007

So it has been forever, eh?

we apologize, but we have been quite busy ~ upon returning from the states we had 2 visitors at different times and went on several magical journeys...then 1 week later school started

so we're just going to start posting some pictures (and maybe some comments) and hopefully before too long we'll catch up to the we'll start at the start when we came home to the states, where we had the most wonderful time and got to spend time with all the people we love more than they will ever know! ~ and then we'll come back here to Quito and go to the Magic Roundabout and Puerto Lopez with Jon ~ then we'll go to the jungle with Josh and then we'll come home to 2 wonderful new friends

so here goes...and because it's easier, we'll just post pictures

This is our stay at the Charnitski's and the poconos....

So that's our stay at home, although, of course quite a bit more happenned. We just wanted to stay longer...

So we were home in Ecuador for a bit and then Jon came down. We stayed in Quito for a day or two then headed to the "Magical Roundabout."