Saturday, November 24, 2007

some new art .... and it's a ball

peace and love to all ...

and what's so funny about that?

i do not know where it comes from

except the one that Zach came up

with ... thanx, big guy ... you're an inspiration

and things are good here and

we are all the luckiest, aren't


and if you haven't listened to Low Spark in a while, well then I think it's time... and Dark Star if

you're still in the m-groove

and you can ignore this last one if you want, but it will

still be hanging on our wall when you come to visit ...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Hello everyone - yes, we had our second annual Halloween party in Quito... it was a smashing success! We had to have it a week early because there were two other bbqs/parties scheduled for the 27th.

It's funny but there are some things that are tough to find here - one thing is candle holders. Luckily, Chris is incredibly creative and we bought a bunch of turnips and he punched holes in them and they were our candle sticks!

We had such a great crowd and wanted to show you some of the costumes...

Here's Chris, Ana (the witch) and Brenda (saving time - her husband was wasting time)...

Chris and I were cutting and sewing our costumes together as guests were arriving. Can you tell who I was? I made my head out of foam, even though we tried paper mache and some other things first.

We don't have a picture of Chris' full length but he sewed together eucalyptus leaves and made a skirt and shirt and he was the park next to our house. He had a bunch of moss (or is it lichen?) in his goatee and hair.

The kids at school dressed up on the Friday before Halloween - October 31st is actually an Ecuadorian Holiday called Emblem day. The president, who was elected last year, told everyone they could not celebrate Halloween on the 31st - yikes! Well, we just went out with a couple of friends to dinner for Chris' birthday.
Here's a picture of me and my teaching partner on the day we dressed up in school (yes, I used the same costume).