Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And a few more pictures, while we're at it....
I went away last weekend for a 'girls weekend'. 6 of us set out to shop, eat, drink wine and get in a little hiking at Cotopaxi.

We were really lucky that the clouds moved off the glacier and we had a wonderful view of the volcano Cotopaxi while we hiked around at the bottom.

Here's a couple more pictures from the trip ~ there was lots of laughing and fun ~ and Chris got to stay home and paint!

Here's the very cute place where we stayed ~ they were very hospitable to us and let us hang out around the fire.

Here are some pictures from our annual Halloween party ~ it was our third one here in Quito. We had some great costumes and it wasn't too rainy (so people could go out on the terraces).

Don't ask what Chris and I were dressed as.... we're not absolutely sure ourselves but it was fun.

We had Angels...

two wild and crazy guys

and a banshee

the hosts

Sunday, November 09, 2008

so i've been managing to get some painting done
as well ...

We had the excellent opportunity to re-visit Blacksheep with Steve and Dani - and it was (once again) an awesome experience. Here are some pics from that trip...

llamas at the inn

and the epic journey from the volcano back to Balcksheep

dani and sharon making their way around the crater of the volcano - sooo windy

and coming down from the rim into a little village

what a great pic of steve!

and here's the crazy cliff walk (although it wasn't that crazy tis time...thank goodness) that we had to take to get down into the canyon

here's Dani contemplating life in all its glory

a sheep on the way home

and through the town and back to the inn

Saturday, November 08, 2008

This has been a tough time of the year, as it always is for teachers - so that's my excuse for not posting - justifiable or not
a few pics from Deweese Island

so here's some more pics from the summer - hopefully we'll get back to the now soon

Here's the farm in Virginia where we had a fantastic time!

and we, by crazy coincidence and sharon's wiley ways we managed to visit Heather and YJ in Austin Texas - and their beautiful baby Eamon